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Topaz International provides a challenging environment that offers excellent opportunities for entry-level sales and customer service to gain experience in the industry. Our training program, combined with practical, on-site work with clients, enables you to expand and develop your capabilities rapidly, and to gain insight into all areas of the industry. We offer extremely competitive graduate salaries and bonuses.

What can Topaz offer you?

  • Involvement with projects
  • Development of core consulting and analytic skills: oral presentation and written communication, structured problem solving, project management, analysis planning and client relationship management
  • The opportunity to work closely with experts in our bases of operation, as well as with consultants from other industry and functional practices
  • International assignments
  • Client work that utilizes the most innovative, pioneering thought and technology available in the sector.
  • Accelerated career progression for outstanding people.

What differentiates Topaz from other companies?

  • Our philosophy is that all our people should be shareholders in the company - not just those at senior levels.Topazis an employee-owned company where we all think and act as owners
  • Our promotion and remuneration is based on individual merit.
  • The people you will work with are creative, practical and individual thinkers.
  • Topazfocuses on creating benefits for clients rather than merely proposing them, and this focus is supported by an outstanding implementation track record in every major industry.


Topazis looking for consultants with a range of experience to join our team.

Personal attributes

Successful candidates will:

  • have a passion for client service, enjoying the challenges involved in introducing and implementing new thinking and rapid innovative solutions
  • be prepared to be challenged and stretched continually and have a continuing desire for growth and changing work environments
  • be able to co-operate as a team member with effective communication skills and sensitivity to local cultural issues
  • be willing to lead and manage an effective team, making tough decisions where necessary
  • enjoy absorbing new knowledge rapidly and combining both theory and practice
  • Be able to deal with people at all levels.

Candidates must be willing to work away from home during the week, and for longer periods when working on international assignments. You can post your CV for our future reference to this address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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