We offer the following services 

  1. Market Research and feasibility studies
    1. Tariffs and import regulations
    2. Competitor analysis
    3. Distribution channels
    4. Potential importers for your products
  2. Business to Business Connections
    1. Detection of new business opportunities and preliminary contact with potential clients 
    2. Business agendas that will allow you to meet buyers in the market (s) of your interest
  3. Commercial representation
    1. Integral support in the commercial operations before, during and after each one of your export activities \
  4. Contact with certified bodies and governmental entities
    1. To ensure imports/exports are in accordance with a variety of regulations and procedures
    2. Contact and information sources from governmental organizations
  5. Supply of equipment and materials needed for the production of goods
  6. Participation in commercial missions and trade shows related to your industry
    1. Visit events to identify potential clients and suppliers. Public relations
    2. Organization and participation in events to exhibit and give exposure to your product in foreign markets
  7. International Trading Services
  8. Trading Facilities
  9. Import, Export & Re-Export

To learn more about these services and how Topaz International Trade Services can support you in the execution of your product development and export programs, contact us for a confidential consultation


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