Control Systems

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       ·Supply & Installations.


       ·Modernization and upgrade.

       ·We also supply customers with very skilled engineers and technicians to service their systems in a Professional and satisfactory Manner.

Besides being a limited liability Jordanian Service Company, Its skilled staff is versatile and can do engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and training on process control, automation power system control, communications, power system transmission and distribution.


Engineering, Testing, Installation and Commissioning of:

• Process Control and Automation

• Power Systems Control and Communications

(SCADA, BECOS, SINDAC, Ranger, PLC, F.O, PDH & SDH, PAX & Digital Telephone)

• Power System Transmission and Distribution supervision, testing and commissioning of Relay, Control and Metering apparatus for transmission and distribution substations.


Building the most effective process control and automation power system, communication control, power transmission and distribution, requires far more than just high-technology products and systems. They require an integral approach to identify, implement and support each step of a cost-effective, state-of-the-art Automation program.

Our staffs are highly qualified highly trained engineers and technicians possess in- depth knowledge, experience and special skills are at the customer’s disposal.

Based on the experience that Topaz Jordan has gained in executing multiple of similar Applications in many projects we offer support in the following fields:

• Planning, Design and Project Management

• System Assembly and Testing

• Installation, Commissioning & Start-Up

• Education & Training

• Field Service & after sales support

Test Equipment available to our staff use in erection testing and com- Testing Capabilities

• Fiber Optics, PDH & SDH Comm. Systems.

• OTDR—Type HP.

• Splicer Type FSM—16S.

• Laser Source (NOYES) Model L S2DFC .

• Optical Power Me.

• Tool Kits for Fiber Optics.

• Regular tools.

• Digital PLC, ETI & ETL PLC & Telephone PAX, Data transmission Tele-protection and Digital exchanges.

• Distance Relay Test Box Type MK-11 ABB Manufacture

• Digital Communications Analyser Package Type PFA 35 W&G.

• Note Books with required Software for commissioning and test above systems.

• Different Signal Generators and level meters required forT&C.

• DifferentDigital MultiMeters.

• Different Extension Cards for the above systems.

• All tools required for erection and testing and commissioning

• All Software required for installation, testing and commissioning.

• Other Systems (DCS, PLC’s , SCADA … etc.)

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